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Address your customers’ or employees’ needs with an app developed on 3Clicks platform.

Do your customer need help?

Essential information, procedures, guidelines or calculators? Be sure that customers are up to date with the current knowledge, product information, services or important related topics.

3Clicks offers new dimension of relationship with your customers.

Mobile is the next web. Service driven solution is one of the leading strategies for satisfied customers and sustainable growth. 3Clicks offers unique, ready to use apps with complete content management system, so you can focus on customer service – not development.

3Clicks MED

3Clicks MED is an innovative mobile app containing essential medical knowledge in an attractive format, which offers Health Care Professionals quick support in right diagnosis and treatment processes.

We used experience and practical observations of many specialists in medicine to create valuable but simple architecture of essential disease diagnosis and treatment knowledge. You will find here diagnostic scales, treatment algorithms, drug dosages and much more, all based on the latest international guidelines. The paramount objective was to get what you need in just three clicks.

3Clicks PRO

3Clicks PRO is an universal mobile app addressed to various industries experts which offers complete end-to-end service for your brand in an attractive and innovative format.

We build tailored made mobile application filled with experts know-how to upgrade your service and brand loyalty.

3Clicks PRO is a perfect solution for enterprises and super brands to develop unique or upgrade existing relationship with premium customers, the true basis for sustainable growth of every company.

3Clicks MCMS

3Clicks MCMS offers a unique mobile platform with Mobile Content Management System, allowing creation of an innovative mobile apps by customers themselves.

A perfect solution for quick and easy design of own company mobile app addressed either to customers with product & service offerings or dedicated internally for corporate meetings, internal support of HR procedures or product and sales force trainings.

Developing your own app in less than 24 hours? That’s possible with 3Clicks CMS!

Case Study #21

Thrombox app for Health Care Professionals (HCP)

ThromBox is an unique mobile app containing essential medical knowledge on thromboembolic disease based on the latest US and European published guidelines, which offers medical staff quick and easy access to disease specific knowledge, diagnostic scales, treatment algorithms and drug info in just three clicks.

More than mobile application framework

With 3Clicks you get an innovative mobile app packed with power features that enable you to understand your customers behavior and preferences. A truly valuable feedback you want to have from the market.

Get your application

3Clicks offers ready to use mobile applications to empower your product & service value to customer.

We provide complete application at no development cost with advanced content management.

Get insights

Applications build with 3Clicks offers advance insights tracking.

Analyze your customer behaviors – build powerful insights to understand needs and implement proper communication. Generate Power Point or Excel reports.

Our insights are much more more business useful and easy to understand than Google Analytics or other internet metrics.

Be more effective

With 3Clicks PRO you will get complete support from our team to run your application updates in a flash.

With 3clicks MCMS – our Mobile Content Management System you can edit your application content easily from your website panel without comprehending any customer experience value.

Why 3clicks ?

Information, procedures or guidelines? Be sure that customers are up to date with your knowledge, product information, services or important related topics. 3Clicks mobile applications focus on quality of service you provide through mobile to your customers.

No development cost

While development process can be difficult, long and expensive, you can loose your goal of providing great service to customers or employees.

Instead with 3clicks you pay montlhy or anual fee for the period of time you are planning to use your app. It is less expensive than the same app development from the scratch. No risk.

Time saving

3Clicks effers complete application ready to be filled with powerful and useful content in days instead of months.

We help companies focus on service quality and content instead of application development challanges

Content management makes your app great

3Clicks brings new quality of user experience with unique „3 – clicks – navigation„ model.

With 3Clicks MCMS you can use objects to fill your application with rich media content. While you have freedom of content management, you customers can run app in complete offline.