3Clicks Platform for diagnosis & treatment

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Unique set up in 3Clicks distance…

Essential diagnosis and treatment details of most common diseases.

Diagnostic scales and calculators supporting the decision process.

Algorithms securing proper diagnostic and treatment pathway.

Indications and dosages of pharmaceutical products.

Secured access for medical doctors only.

Analytics visualizing dynamics of customer behavior.

Unique set up in 3Clicks distance…

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Strenghten your new image

Build your image as a true partner of Health Care Professionals (HCP). Solutions you offer are highly appreciated by HCPs because they are reflecting daily challenges they face. As a part of new opening you position your offering as a fresh and relevant support in their daily work.

Understand their behavior

3Clicks platform offers advanced customer insight tracking. You can easily analyze your customer behavior – build powerful insights to understand needs and implement appropriate communication. You can export this analytics easily in Power Point or Excel format.

Measure impact of your activities

Customer insight analytics may be easily combined with information of your promo activities in the given geographic area. This represents single unique opportunity for measuring a real impact and effectiveness of your commercial activities in the region.

Build relationship with your customers

3Clicks platform serves as a perfect foundation for mobile apps containing valuable and relevant information for customers. You become a true partner when providing a solution which supports their work in a very practical way.

Offer them highly respected support

It is all about the base… 3Clicks apps are designed to answer most common questions your customers may face, e.g. diagnostic scales, indications for use, treatment guidelines, product specific information, in user-friendly format just 3clicks away. Available in android and iOS format.

Fulfill their unmet need

Although there is quite a bit of information around available in paper or digital format, it is a real challenge to get through all these masses and get to the point when you are under time pressure. 3Clicks mobile apps are designed to deliver essential data in convenient format instantly. Drug dosages, diagnostic scales, treatment algorithms, indication for use – you got it in just 3 clicks…

Unique set up in 3Clicks distance…

Essential information available in 3Clicks distance…

Thrombo – embolic

Knowing your customer behavior…

Monthly analysis of users’ behavior can be connected with the geographical region, thus a map of customer needs and gaps in knowledge can be developed.